On a peaceful sunny Monday, an unexpected new resident in town interrupt your reading time.

That resident is Alex. 


A,B,C = Making a choice 

E = Ending interactions/relationship

R = Restart from Beginning


Abdullah Babrouk - Programmer/Game Designer 

Rayan Al-Sharief - Designer. 

Abdulmalik Zubailah - Narrative 

Anmar Al-Sharief - Art

Licensed Content: 

All rights of the music belong to Johnny Jewel. 

The tracks used in the game are from the album "Windswept"
Track list: 
1 - Slow Dream
2 - Crimson Kiss 
3 - Missing Pages 
4 - Television
5 - Windswept

The following sound effect "Bar Crowd - Logans Pub - Feb 2007" was used from: 

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